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The rise and fall of the Vertu mobile phone to see the future of luxury mobile phone

The electronic products mobile phone as people in daily life must carry, already from the original status scarce goods (mobile phone) has become everyone can have the ordinary consumer goods. If the mobile phone now has some components of the loading force, estimated that only apple.

Although the mobile phone has been defined as a mass consumer goods, but still there are manufacturers of the mobile phone into a retro "luxury", can make the luxury mobile phone is the most famous of a foreign brand mobile phone Vertu, the most expensive price of nearly 2 million 480 thousand. (Vertu mobile phone to buy a 2 million 480 thousand small set a small goal, of course), home also has a mobile phone to make luxury goods as manufacturers, we often hear is 8848, but 8848 did not appear in price over a million mobile phone.

Then, the mobile phone in the "luxury" of this route will do? Let's answer this question with the status quo of mobile phone brand Vertu: some time ago, mobile phone brand Vertu announced bankruptcy liquidation. But I heard that the domestic 8848 have also, of course, the 8848 mobile phone also is not a true luxury.

Vertu mobile phone's ending is very miserable, and finally not what people to pick up the disc, can sale British workshop, equipment and products, including those at about one hundred thousand of all luxury mobile phone, mobile phone sale. Signature 18 carat gold and black alligator smartphone, originally priced at $19 thousand, were sold at a price of $1500. Even the decorative painting hanging in the office are not spared, sold for $71. We can only say that Vertu is less expensive than music.

In fact, Vertu mobile phone from NOKIA, 1998, NOKIA's chief designer Frank Nuovo inspired by luxury car luxury table and fine jewelry, hope that the mobile phone is also playing a luxury, and immediately received the support of NOKIA. Vertu is still popular in the rich circle before 2012, and seems to be losing its shine after and Android phones broke out like NOKIA, and they were abandoned by NOKIA after 2012

However, in the process of mobile phone Rittal or a craftsman spirit. The fuselage usually uses the aviation aluminum, the titanium alloy, the carbon fiber to cover the alligator skin, the ostrich skin, the lizard skin and so on the rare leather, and each fuselage in the fuselage can make the private custom. Even ordinary calfskin, must from the European alps. The production of mobile phones was completed in the UK, each Vertu has more than 30 different specifications of screws, manually installed by one by one. Even the details of mobile phone ringtone is no sloppy, invited the London Symphony Orchestra to play creation.

For the decline of Vertu mobile phones, it can only explain that consumers are more rational, and the mobile phone is more practical.

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