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NOKIA's sub brand Vertu has undoubtedly become a symbol of luxury. Vertu's mobile phone is not only expensive in terms of materials, gold, diamonds have been accustomed to not strange, but also often in different ways to launch a higher priced limited edition mobile phones. The cooperation and the world of Formula One racing F1 Vertu Limited is an important aspect of marketing, before it had to "silver", "Indianapolis" and other well-known F1 track as the theme launched a limited edition mobile phone, and the latest Vertu mobile phone, the F1 tracks the most influential team - Ferrari attract attention.

Red Ferrari has been the most popular F1 motor racing team. The team, which was founded in 1947, will celebrate the 60th anniversary anniversary this year, and this Ferrari limited version of Vertu mobile phone is born for this, and it will also limit 1947, in order to commemorate the birth of the fleet. In the mobile phone in front of the bottom, we can see a Ferrari LOGO, and the back of the fuselage, natural and ultimately Ferrari's iconic red, but also in the battery compartment made of aluminum, and a Ferrari car brake pedal design.

Of course, like all of Vertu's products, this mobile phone has the most luxurious material, but its function still meets the application of entry-level applications. According to reports, this "Ferrari 1947 limited edition" of the mobile phone will be listed in June this year, although the price has not been revealed, however, that only those who can afford to buy a Ferrari car can afford the nobility.

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