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KINGBOX carbon fiber version of Vertu Ti will be available in Ascent

Carbon fiber is a great engineering material, its quality is very light, but it has very high strength, so it is often used in some of the key components, the Vertu Ascent Ti carbon fiber on the use of the special material. Vertu, the luxury mobile phone brand of NOKIA, combines carbon fiber and pine fragrance with Vertu to produce this perfect shell, perfect in both flat and cambered surfaces.

Vertu phone Ascent Ti carbon fiber edition will be available in August of this year, the user can select the carbon fiber, carbon fiber and aluminum or carbon fiber copper body, but the choice of different materials have different prices, that the price will be very. In terms of configuration, Vertu Ascent Ti mobile phone equipped with a 2 inch QVGA screen, support 3G network, built-in 4GB storage space and 3 million 200 thousand pixel camera, but also equipped with LED flash. I believe that if you carry such a vertu mobile phone out, it will be very cool.

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