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Mr Oosting claimed that ?°When in this sale process we presented our strategic plan, there was belief in the existing business and in the plan.?±

He said that ?°There will be no major change in what the definition of what Vertu the brand is.?± He added, however, that ?°We will choose technology that serves what we want to do.?± Hinting that Vertu could move from Nokia Symbian operating platform to the Windows Phone operating system that Nokia is now using, he said, ?°We?¯ve been very successful on one operating platform. That doesn?¯t mean we stick with that.?±

Mr Oosting also said that Vertu?¯s strength came from its unique position as the only luxury mobile phone manufacturer in its own right. ?°It?¯s important to have a point of view and a differentiation,?± he claimed. ?°I make no comments to Nokia but the strength to Vertu has been doing something unique in terms of craftsmanship as well as in terms of technology.?±

Mr Ståhlberg said Nokia had ?°virtually created the luxury phone space?±. Mr Oosting argued that if Vertu could mirror the proportions of luxury watch sales in the overall watch market, their sector could take one per cent of 1.5billion mobile phone sales per year for the next three years.

While he acknowledged that other manufacturers were increasingly competitive, he said that not all were taking the luxury category seriously. ?°There are brands out there that make phones for $250,000 and put mechanical parts in. We feel that?¯s not relevant. That?¯s some kind of soup with bits from other categories.?±

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