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Nokia and Vertu designer working on 'beautiful' smartwatch
Vertu Constellation Blue and Constellation Quest Blue are unveiled, look pretty
Intricate Japanese designs for Vertu's Signature Kissho collection
Vertu Releases $10,000 Smartphone with Year-Old Software, No 4G
EQT VI is to acquire Vertu Corporation
Qualcomm quad core processor Vertu Signature Touch sold $10000
Vertu's open plan layout made it feel spacious
Vertu Constellation Diamond include different type
'Entry-level' Vertu Constellation costs more than a motorbike
Vertu chooses Android over Windows for luxury handset
Vertu Ti could be the first Android smartphone made by Nokia
Vertu Aster luxury smartphone launched for whopping amount of Rs 4.75 lakh
Vertu announed three new phone in Signature series
Vertu CEO Watson welcomes Solarin to the luxury phone market
Vertu: it makes sense for Nokia to sell us
luxury vertu replica phone manufacturer Vertu is auctioning its $20,000 phones for cheap
Vertu working on a 3G Signature phone?

It seems that Nokia?s luxury phones brand, Vertu, may be bringing its Signature line up to date with 3G support and Wi-Fi connectivity. Its design just screams Vertu with the chevron keypad, the etched ?V? logos and beautiful craftsmanship. The new Signature device is rumored to have an OLED QVGA display, which will allow its screen to merge with the front side while inactive, but still retaining its visibility during usage.

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