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Vertu Diamond: The Phone That Make You Royal

Any person who wants to show his success story takes use of expensive accessories. In the past expensive vehicles, expensive glasses and expensive clothing were widely used by the people to reflect their royal status. However, today with these expensive things, mobiles are also used as a good token of royal status.

There are varieties of expensive mobile phones in the world today but no one can touch Vertu phones. These phones surpass all other expensive mobile phones due to the usage of luxurious materials, high quality features, advanced technologies and well crafted attractive designs. There are different models of mobile phones in Vertu series like Vertu Signature, Vertu Constellation, Vertu Ferrari, Vertu Diamond etc.

Vertu mobile phones are super brand sets for the super rich people. These mobile phones are plated with precious materials like platinum, gold, titanium etc and are studded with precious stones. The technologies applied in Vertu mobile phones are latest considered as the most advanced. Due to these inherent qualities these phones have become very expensive and so are not in the reach of everyone. Only the richest people can go for these expensive mobile phones. Though this quality is an advantage for high class people to show their prestige, this proves to be a disadvantage for those who cannot afford these phones.

There are quite few people only who can even dream of buying a Vertu set. It is noteworthy that the demand of Vertu mobile set is increasing immensely and all class of people want to own this phone. Seeing such popularity and unaffordable prices of the original set, the replica of original Vertu has been introduced in the market which can be purchased by most of the people because of its affordable price.

The most popular replica Vertu mobile set which can give you luxury feeling and royalty touch is Vertu Diamond model replica. This phone is exact replica of original Vertu Diamond and no-one can differentiate between them easily. The main characteristic of this set is that it is made from similar materials that are used in original set. Even experts will find it difficult to identify which phone is original and which one is the replica.

The main feature of Vertu Diamond is ceramic shell plated with 18 carat gold half tiled with Swarowsky crystals, which makes its appearance fascinating. It also has Tri band frequency of GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz. The size and weight of this replica is 122?42x155mm and 160gram respectively. It has huge memory which can contain 300 contacts along with MP3 music and MP4 videos. It also contains the feature of Bluetooth technology along with USB Cable. This replica mobile set also has multi language voice tag. Though original Vertu Diamond does not have the feature of inbuilt camera facility replica sets have such provisions.

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