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According to a statement we received earlier, Vertu's Perry Oosting (pictured left) has stepped down after his successful four year stint as President and CEO, though he'll continue to invest in the company. Despite the relatively short run, the Dutch exec oversaw Vertu's departure from Nokia and subsequently launched the company's first-ever Android device, the Ti. Little is known about the reasons behind this change, but judging by Oosting's considerable knowledge of the luxury goods market, he'll have plenty of options for his next move.

The luxury phone maker will now be led by CMO Massimiliano "Max" Pogliani (pictured right), who's probably best known for building up Nespresso, Nestl¨¦'s premium coffee brand, prior to joining Vertu last November. Pogliani will be assisted by ex-Jimmy Choo COO Jonathan Sinclair, who joined Vertu this month under the same title. Press release after the break.

Vertu, the world's leading provider of luxury mobile phones has announced that Perry Oosting has stepped down as Chief Executive Officer and confirmed that the Board has named Massimiliano Pogliani, previously Chief Marketing Officer, as the new Chief Executive Officer.

Perry Oosting successfully led Vertu for four years and saw the company through the process that enabled Vertu to become a standalone business following its sale from Nokia in October 2012. In acknowledging Perry's contribution, a Vertu spokesperson said, "It is thanks to Perry's vision and dedication in achieving this that we can be confident of some exciting new times ahead as we plan and launch Vertu's next generation of products."

Perry remains an investor in Vertu and committed to its successful future.

In one of two further changes, Steve Amstutz, who was pivotal in establishing the global expansion of the business, in both retail and trade channels, has also stepped down from his role as Sales Director of Vertu. An internal appointment has already been made.

Also in June, Jonathan Sinclair has taken up the position of Chief Operating Officer at Vertu having moved from his former role as Chief Operating Officer at Jimmy Choo. Jonathan will report into new CEO, Massimiliano Pogliani.

All at Vertu are positive about the prospects for the business and have hinted at a strong product roadmap that will see a number of innovative new products brought to market over the next 24 months.

No further comment is available at this time.

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