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Vertu Ti Android OS and the Concierge button

We were already pretty smitten after merely holding the Vertu TI, but were concerned over how Vertu had implemented Android and its user interface. Luckily, Vertu is mostly up-to-date on Google's OS. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is installed and it's smooth and speedy. Video performance was excellent, as was touchscreen responsiveness. The size of the screen is ideal for single handed operation, and the three hardware Android keys below the screen make a welcome change from touch sensitive buttons.

Vertu TI Concierge button

On the side of the device is the Concierge button. When pressed, this button opens a dedicated menu where a call can be placed to Vertu's trademark personal assistant. Rather than feeling tacked on, this section is easy to use and visually matches the Vertu theme and style. Hutchison, Vertu's head of creative design, emphasized that they didn't want to spoil Android with a messy, complicated UI, citing Sony Ericsson's early attempts to modify Android on the Xperia X1 as evidence of how wrong it can go. Instead, alterations are relevant to Vertu's customers. For example, the analog clock face uses blue highlights to indicate the day's appointments (synced across from Outlook) and a red arrow shows the time of the alarm. Simple, but very effective

Yes, you may be thinking, all this is great, but the Vertu TI starts at 7,900 euros, or about $10,700. That'll buy a huge array of mainstream Android or Apple products, which all do the same thing as the Vertu TI and more. How can it possibly be worth that amount of money? It's all about how it makes you feel. Make no mistake, this is a luxury product, but not in the way Vertu devices are often seen. It' not gaudy or gauche, it's refined, elegant, and particularly in the case of the Titanium Pure Black model, downright stylish. Even in the short time we had with the phone, it felt special in a way tech products rarely do. We could see how taking it out of a pocket could have the same appeal as pulling back your sleeve to check the time on a Breitling Navitimer.

For the first time, it seems like we have a luxury smartphone we can aspire to own, and that makes its cost irrelevant.

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