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Vertu Ti
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Vertu Signature Year of the Dragon

Price: $26,800

On the auspicious occasion of the Chinese ??Year of the Dragon?, luxury phone giant, Vertu announced the introduction of an all new range of luxury phones under the banner, Vertu Signature Year of the Dragon. This entire bespoke series was introduced in the month of January this year and is comprised of three hand crafted handsets. The Signature Year of the Dragon series features three models that come in stainless & emerald, black stainless steel and ruby, as well as yellow gold and diamond. However, the most alluring feature of this magnificent offering is the presence of a four claw dragon that has been painstakingly monogramed on the back of the each of three handsets. The delicate artwork on the Year of the Dragon phones takes more than a one day to fabricate and involves extensively skilled hard work from four highly experienced craftsmen. Each of the yellow gold luxury phones are physically sent to Switzerland, where they are bestowed upon with a certificate of authenticity. Only after receiving its coveted authenticity, does these phones get their dazzling additions of rubies, emeralds and diamonds. With all the bling and bespoke exclusivity, the Vertu Signature Year of the Dragon comes with a staggering cost of $26,800, thereby propelling into the elite list of the most expensive Vertu luxury phones.

Vertu Signature Year of the Dragon 10 Most Expensive Vertu Phones

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