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Vertu have announced the launch of Constellation Quest Ferrari, a mobile phone that combines the Vertu principles of pioneering design, modern technology and luxury services with specially curated Ferrari content and unique Ferrari experiences.

These dedicated services will be exclusively available to the handset owners.

Perry Oosting, President of Vertu said, ?We are delighted to once again partner with Ferrari C an iconic brand that shares our passion for design, craftsmanship and performance. With the Constellation Quest Ferrari we have created a handset that embodies these values perfectly. For the first time we are now offering a range of specially created Ferrari content and services which gives our customers an intriguing insight into the world of Ferrari.?

From the very beginning, Ferrari Design Director Flavio Manzoni and the Vertu design team have collaborated closely on the design of the phone which resulted in the stealth and sophisticated appearance of Constellation Quest Ferrari. Flavio Manzoni says, ?The Constellation Quest Ferrari is a perfect example of combining two different worlds: automotive and luxury communications. The original inspiration for the handset C the Ferrari 458 Italia C has evolved into something innovative and unique, whilst preserving Ferrari?s heritage and DNA. This is a deep study on materials and finishes combined with functionality and performance.?


As mentioned above the design of the handset takes inspiration from the Ferrari 458 Italia. The most striking feature of the product is the iconic Cavallino Rampante, intrinsically crafted from polished stainless steel and embedded in the titanium battery cover. The Ferrari logo is embossed in the leather on the front of the handset.

Meticulously crafted from the most luxurious of materials such as polished sapphire crystal, Ferrari calf leather and polished black ceramic, each Constellation Quest Ferrari handset is built by just one craftsman who signs the handset as an assurance of Vertu?s commitment to quality.

The combined efforts of the Ferrari and Vertu engineering teams have resulted in the debut of the newly modified DLC (Diamond-like carbon) coating on the Constellation Quest Ferrari. Due to its ability to resist extreme conditions, such as abrasion and pressure, this coating is also used for key engine parts in Ferrari GT and Formula 1 cars. In addition, the leather used in the creation of the product is the same handmade Italian calf leather Ferrari uses in the interior of its GT cars.


The new analogue clock on Constellation Quest Ferrari is inspired by the distinctive rev-counter on Ferrari?s 458 Italia. Aside from its appealing design, this analogue clock is also an interactive element that provides the user with the home time while travelling as well as active alarms and the appointments of the day which automatically update from the phone?s calendar. A new set of ringtones was obtained from live recordings of a Ferrari 458 Italia on a test circuit and is available exclusively to this handset.

With Constellation Quest Ferrari, Vertu has enhanced its offering of relevant, tailored services even further. Once a customer registers the handset with Vertu Concierge, it becomes the key to the world of Ferrari. By pressing the specially created Cavallino key, prominently featured on the front of the handset, customers are able to access unique Ferrari content and experiences, which today can be enjoyed by only a privileged few.



Vertu has partnered with Opus Media to provide a constant feed of unique Ferrari content. Customers can enjoy access to specially curated content featuring historical and contemporary articles and images to give an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight to the world of Ferrari. These articles and images have been specially curated from The Official Ferrari Opus, the acclaimed limited edition publication which features an exclusive selection of essays and photographs specially commissioned or sourced from Ferrari?s historic archives.


Constellation Quest Ferrari handset owners can also enjoy access to exclusive Ferrari experiences and take part in unique Ferrari events around the world. These will be updated on a regular basis and follow the global Ferrari activity schedule throughout the year.

Vertu City Brief constantly delivers a list of nearby Ferrari dealerships as well as authorised garages and service centres, to ensure worldwide access to Ferrari wherever the customer may be.

So what is Vertu?

Vertu is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones.

Created to complement the discerning customer?s lifestyle, Vertu offers tailored, luxury services in combination with the finest in design, engineering and manufacture. With three distinct collections- Signature, Ascent and Constellation- Vertu uses innovations in manufacturing technology with traditional technology with traditional craftsmanship, assembling each phone at the company?s headquarters in England. Vertu is available in over 500 stores, including over 70 Vertu boutiques, in 66 countries worldwide.

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