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Smarter Phone, Hands On And In Depth With The Vertu TiSmarter Phone

We got our first look at the Vertu Ti back in March, at a time when the company was going through a lot of changes 每originally a subsidiary of Nokia, Vertu is now independent (since the September 2012 acquisition of the firm by private equity group EQT.) Vertu designer Frank Nuovo has since left the company as well to pursue other projects, and Vertu itself, which had always built its reputation on the hand-built, artisanal nature of its made-in-England handsets, as well as the suite of services offered to Vertu owners, was confronting the shift towards touch-screen enabled smartphones, having introduced its first touchscreen phone 每the Vertu Constellation 每in late 2012 as well.

My first look at the Ti on the occasion of its launch in March was encouraging.  Bleeding edge specs have never been the main selling point for Vertu, but for the first time, I had a feeling of an operating system that was up to the performance standards necessary for a Vertu user not to feel as if they were sacrificing something in basic usability for the sake of (much) better build quality and aesthetics.  The touch-screen Constellation was a satisfying device to use and had a fantastic look and feel 每one thing you never doubt when you?盍e holding any Vertu phone is that from a physical standpoint you?盍e holding an irreproachably well-built object 每but as we mentioned when we used it, the Constellation did feel held back and weighed down by the sluggishness and generally counterintuitive nature of its Symbian operating system.

One can?眩 help but wonder what kind of experience we?留 have in the Vertu Ti if Nokia had kept Vertu, and had continued to support and develop the Symbian OS, but the company?盎 instead made the wisest decision possible under the circumstances and opted to use a highly modified version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich as the core OS for the Vertu Ti, and plans to continue to use Android for its smart phones moving forward.

The Vertu Ti was characterized by Vertu CEO Perry Oosting as ?邕ur most important product in a decade,? and it feels like it.  Some specs: the phone runs Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.0; and under the hood is a Qualcom Snapdragon S4 dual core processor running at 1.7 GHz, with 64GB of internal memory.  The camera shoots at 8 MP from the rear and 1.3 MP from the front, and has NFC capability as well.  Physically, it?盎 constructed around a titanium case (hence the ?訊i? moniker) with a massive slab of synthetic sapphire for the screen, leather trim, and a dedicated key for accessing Vertu services.

The Ti is heavy in the hand and though the primary means of accessing its functions is via the touchscreen, the physical keys (always a Vertu strong point) remain satisfyingly tactile to use, having the same feel of reassuring precision and solidity that you get from a well-damped, heavy, analog control dial on a piece of high-end audio equipment.  The basic model, in titanium and black leather, feels anything but basic 每somehow you feel as if you?盍e holding a machine, not just a piece of electronics; there?盎 a sense of kinesthetic identification with the device that you don?眩 get from a standard-issue smartphone.  Beautiful as many consumer-grade smartphones are, there?盎 still no question that the Vertu Ti blows every other handset I?眠e seen and used out of the water in terms of build quality.

The design retains much of the sleek appeal of what I?眠e always thought of as Vertu?盎 most successful phone, the Signature S, which, despite the comparative obsolescence of its technology (functionally, the Signature S is largely devoted to the act of making a voice call) is still one of the most beautiful pieces of industrial design I think I?眠e ever seen, and which remains, even now, one of the most satisfying phones I?眠e ever used.  The Ti has kept the basic lines of the Signature S intact, but with an altered aspect ratio (to accommodate that huge slab of sapphire, and a touch-screen interface) and with physical controls moved to the edge of the touchscreen window.  Using the physical buttons on a touchscreen phone is always a little awkward 每the price you pay for having 99% of your interaction with the device through a touchscreen 每but Vertu?盎 done a very good job of putting the buttons where they fall most naturally under the fingers.  The combination of leather, brushed steel, and synthetic sapphire is undeniably satisfying both to the eye and in the hand.  The Ti is physically pretty tough as well 每the screen?盎 resistance to shattering is tested with a ball bearing drop onto the sapphire slab; it deforms less than 1mm under 50 kilos of weight when supported on three points; it undergoes temperature, torsion, and humidity testing as well as other torture tests; leather trim is tested for longevity and resistance to wear.  In fact, the whole testing process is pretty close to that I?眠e seen used to homologate watches.

The OS is as snappy as you?留 expect.  There are basically two sides to it 每you?眠e got a standard suite of Android apps, but you?眠e also got access to Vertu?盎 extremely extensive suite of personal services, which are not only not offered by any other luxury handset maker but also not offered by any other phone manufacturer at all.

First off, there?盎 the Vertu Concierge service, which is accessed through a dedicated ruby button on the left spine of the phone.  The Concierge service is customized for new Vertu Ti owners through an initial ?逆itting? call, in which personal preferences and habits are noted, as well as the degree of interaction a Vertu client wants with the Concierge service 每this can run the gamut from fairly minimalist (using the service as a basic live help line, which can do everything from give directions, offer recommendations, and make reservations) to much, much more extensive services.  Even at the so-called ?蚓lassic? level, the service can offer guidance in everything from making luxury purchases to acquiring property.  The next step up is the assigning to a client of a dedicated ?追ifestyle manager? who is basically your own personal remotely-accessible Jeeves 每someone whose job it is to, as Vertu puts it, ?郡roactively anticipate an individual?盎 potential needs and requirements, through an evolving, direct, one-to-one relationship.?

The top tier of Concierge services is Vertu Concierge Ultimate, and here, the sky is basically the limit.  It?盎 a 24 hour a day service that may, depending on client preferences, include everything up to assistance with specific projects or even the provision of a physically present personal assistant.  All Concierge services are available, of course, in a wide range of languages, and they?盍e all available ?盍ound the clock, anywhere in the world 每Classic is gratis to any new Vertu Ti owner for one year.

There?盎 also a suite of lifestyle apps 每this includes an app giving access to a global network of private members? and business clubs, one giving access to the oenophilic expertise of UK based Berry Brothers & Rudd (who provide what?盎 essentially an on-the-go, always-present sommelier in the palm of your hand) and even (if you need it) personal security services from Protector Services Group; PSG can provide comprehensive personal security and risk-assessment services, which is just the thing to have on tap if business or a sense of adventure are taking you to some of the world?盎 sketchier locations.

The Vertu Ti is also a very satisfactory multimedia entertainment hub 每movies and videos are gorgeous, with rich, saturated colors, great contrast and crisp rendering, and the sound is fantastic 每the speakers have been designed for the Vertu Ti by Bang & Olufsen.

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