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Luxury cell phone maker Vertu unveiled itsVertu Signature S Design, an update to its flagship Signature line with more streamlined design,




Vertu Signature Luxury Cell Phone

Vertu Signature Luxury Cell Phone
PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 17, 2010 - Luxury cell phone maker Vertu unveiled itsVertu Signature S Design, an update to its flagship Signature line with more streamlined design, Wi-Fi and 3G. Hand crafted at Vertu's workshop in the United Kingdom by highly skilled craftspeople, the Vertu Signature S Design is finished in a variety of high-quality materials, including 18-carat gold. Vertu enlarged the scratch resistant sapphire OLED screen and offered a newly redesigned V-shaped angular keypad supported by ruby bearings for precise key presses and text messaging.
The Signature S Design is designed to assist global travelers by integrating quad-band, HSDPA 3G high-speed (850/2100 MHz), and Wi-Fi Internet functionality in over 180 countries.

With Vertu Concierge, travelers get one button access to lifestyle services 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere in the world. The Vertu Signature S Design can help from recommending local restaurants and making theater bookings to sending a gift to someone around the globe.

The Vertu Signature Small Design will be available in Vertu stores next month.

Vertu is the most famous and probably the most appreciated manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. Their latest creation is the Vertu Pink Diamonds Signature handset.

All Vertu mobile phones have a high cost, as to match the care which is granted for each unit at a time. Moreover, in the case of diamond handsets, all devices are handcrafted and inspired by the "haute joaillerie" concept, which stands for high class jewelry.

Indeed, the Vertu mobile phones are, above all, luxurious accessories and secondly, mobile communication devices. Their design is rather slim and long, as the Vertu Pink Diamonds Signature handset measures dimensions of 122 x 42 x 15.5 mm. This makes them quite slim and compact, even though longer than you'd prefer.

Still, high class and precious diamonds mixed with gold finishing seem to weigh more than average. Such a Vertu model can go up to 198 grams, which has high chances of making purses heavier and of showing the real social weight that owning such a mobile phone implies.

When it comes to performances, this Vertu Pink Diamonds Signature edition brings nothing more than what an ordinary mobile device is capable of bringing. What it might interest users is the fact that it comes equipped with a 20 mm handsfree loudspeaker and advanced Yamaha polyphonic hardware.

The phone has coverage in more than 175 countries worldwide, in order to respond to the needs of those who travel a great amount of time. Moreover, it also includes Internet access with modem support in order to keep its user informed at all times.

The new Vertu Pink Diamonds Signature phone model will be available for purchase from all the company's shops across the world. As it usually happens with all Vertu handset models, the price for this phone has not been publicly revealed.

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