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Vertu Ti
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Vertu Quest Ferrari GT

 Vertu Quest Ferrari GT  Vertu, the name associated with luxurious phones, is back in action with the latest addition with the Constellation Quest Ferrari handset. Obviously, this particular model is inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia sports car, where the iconic prancing horse logo will definitely make an appearance to make sure that everyone around you knows just what kind of money you have, and it was made out of polished stainless steel (hello, fingerprints!) and comes embedded in a titanium battery cover. There is an embossed Ferrari logo in the leather that is located on the front of the handset. This luxury smartphone also relies on other notable materials such as polished sapphire crystal and polished black ceramic, and each handset is unique in the sense that it is built by just one craftsman C who then proceeds to sign the handset as an assurance of Vertu?s commitment to quality. Sure does not seem as though our economy is in the doldrums now, right? The Constellation Quest Ferrari certainly looks to share a similar keyboard layout as that of the Nokia E71/72, no?

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