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The Vertu Ascent. Craft and innovation.






The Vertu Ascent

Conceived, designed and inspired by icons of power, speed, performance and technologies such as stealth, Ascent uses extreme design and enhanced features to complement a fast-paced lifestyle. The Ascent handset is a reflection of the user C those that are not afraid to step outside the norm, to go off the beaten track whether in business or leisure.

Inspired by the design and materials of luxury sports cars, the Ascent strikes a unique balance between hard metal and soft leather. As tough as it is elegant, every component is crafted for performance. Twice as many hours went into the research and development of the Vertu Ascent than goes into a modern Formula One racing car.

Vertu has taken its expertise in materials und pushed the limit.

  • Aerospace grade aluminium to deliver light weight performance

  • Titanium with its exceptional strength to weight ratio

  • Vulcanised rubber of the highest quality

Impervious to nearly everything that your lifestyle can throw at it.

?The highly structural, linear and faceted nature of the new Ascent design, is direct and literally to the point?- It?s the tip of the spear, hard edged and without compromise of character?, - Frank Nuovo, Principal Designer, Vertu


The Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT Limited Edition

Vertu Acent was born from an obsession to create a handset that deployed craftsmanship and technology in a way that had never been achieved before. He took the finest materials from the world of watchmaking, automotive, aeronautics and jewellery. They then made them even better, to come up to Vertu?s exacting standards.

The Vertu Ascent TI

Inspired by the sculptural lines of big-engined supercars, Ascent Ti is unmistakably built for power and performance. Every component is engineered for strength. The muscular case is forged from high performance metal. The ear pillow is made from the same high-tech ceramic that protects the Space Shuttle. Even the logos are made from a material used to strengthen industrial drill bits.

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