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Vertu's Racetrack Legends Series Goes to LeMans and Indianapolis
The exclusive luxury mobile phone manufacturer Vertu, a wholly owned and independently run subsidiary of the mobile communications giant Nokia, has released two new models in the Ascent Racetrack Legends series: the LeMans and the Indianapolis handsets. Both phones can brag about the fact that they are going to be handcrafted in limited editions of 1000 phones each, so if you want one for yourself, you have to be, at least, one of the top 1000 richest persons worldwide (I suppose there will be people that will order more than one to enjoy the 6000+ $ phone with the whole family).

The devices will have a case covered with a treated leather looking like carbon
fiber, blue for the LeMans version and black for the Indianapolis. Also, the phone will be made out of a special kind of metal alloy named LiquidMetal and will have a laser-etched engraving with the design and name of each racetrack.

The feature list of this tri-band cell phone includes, as the Vertu website says, a �high dynamic display with Sapphire Crystal screen, precision engineered stainless steel keys with jeweled bearings�, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, modem support, PC synchronization (the data cable will have to be purchased separately) and advanced Yamaha polyphonic hardware, all of these crammed in a 108 mm lengthy body, with a width of 44 mm and a weight of 173 grams.

As always, the Vertu phones aren't about the communication features but about the sleek style and the high class of the end product. If we want to be fair though, we should also recognize that these phones are perfectly doing what a mobile phone should do, that being phone calls, and they are doing it with class (the highest class your money can get).

As I'm sure you know if something comes in small numbers and it's highly demanded, the price will reach astronomical figures. Therefore, if you want Vertu exclusivity, you�ll have to dig veeeery deeeeeeeep into your pockets and in this case, you will do it for something that no usual mortal gets his/her hands on.

The series will most probably continue with the launch of the only two colors left to cover, the yellow and the gray, and rumors are saying that the Monaco racetrack will most surely get in with one of the colors when Vertu will announce the final two additions to this truly amazingly designed series of mobile phones.

To end the story in a more humorous manner, let me say what has been on my mind since I first read about this subject. The guys from LG are surely seeing their Chocolates blush in shame when put near one of these babies, if they will ever have the honor to be in the presence of the mobile royalty class from Vertu (don't take this very seriously because I truly am a fan of THE Chocolate, but I just couldn't help myself saying it :) )
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