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VERTU Ascent Racetrack!

Every real man has a racer inside, ready for speed, action and adventure. With the VERTU Ascent Racetrack clone in your hand you can almost feel the power, as if you're sitting in the world's most powerful racing car ready to press the accelerator and rip the racing track apart! This unique, exclusive, luxury VERTU replica phone is the phone which every real man should have.

The VERTU Racetrack copy is made of durable materials which imitate carbon, used in the motor racing field, which makes it look and feel just like an exclusive concept car. The back of the phone has a laser-made imprint of the legendary MONZA racing track. Take a look at the pictures of the VERTU Ascent Racetrack copy. Can you feel the power?

Particular attention is paid to the firmware technology in the production of VERTU Ascent Racetrack clone mobile phone. Our VERTU copies are equipped with a 262k TFT display, GPRS/WAP capability, plus the Racetrack VERTU clone can also be used both as an MP3 music and an MP4 video player, just like a high quality hi-fi system in a racing car!

The VERTU Ascent Racetrack clone from is delivered in a high-quality gift box, includes ONE battery, a USB cable, a charging unit and a user manual. The VERTU Ascent Racetrack copy is fully unlocked to work with almost any operator in the world.

This luxurious copy of VERTU has a logo and is labeled VERTU (not Veptu, Virtu etc.)

Feel the speed, the power and your life in your hands with the VERTU Ascent Racetrack!

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