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Vertu's sudden CEO swap spells trouble after Chinese buyout
Vertu TI luxury phone launched in India for Rs. 6,49,990
Smarter Phone, Hands On And In Depth With The Vertu TiSmarter Phone
Vertu launches Constellation at 4,900 Euros, its second Android smartphone
Vertu Ti Android OS and the Concierge button
Vertu Signature for Bentley:phone price same to your car
Vertu Aster P seemingly announced out of nowhere for $5,000
The Vertu Ti: a $10,000 Android phone
The firm that sold $14,000 smartphones has reportedly collapsed
Vertu Luxury Cellphones Switch Over to Android
Vertu with a new, extremely luxurious model
If the iPhone is too cheap meet the $4100 smartphone from Vertu
Vertu: it makes sense for Nokia to sell us
Luxury Phone Vertu Ti Reaches Indian Shore For Rs 650,000
Inside Vertu: The British luxury phone company that is closer to Rolex than Apple
Vertu Ti is the company's first Android smartphone
Vertu Constellation Ayxta flip mobile announced
Boss Ousted At Luxury Mobile Group Vertu
Vertu Racetrack Legends, Final Lap

The Vertu Race Legends phones are an exclusive release within an already exclusive brand. Manufacturing only 1,000 of each phone, you can pass the phone down through the generations of your family. Think of it as a pocketwatch that won't be attractive or tell time...or do anything else.

Vertu (Nokia) just announced the final two models in the series, the grey Nurburgring edition and the yellow Monaco edition. Finally, I can buy both and fill those sorry holes in my limited edition display case. ĘC Mark Wilson

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