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Nokia has an upscale division that goes by the name Vertu, which happens to make some pretty nifty phones. They aren't for everybody -- not with pricetags that sound like the down payment on a Porsche -- but they will certainly appeal to those of us who are interested in automobilia. One line of phones in particular should prove irresistible to motorsports aficionados. Vertu's Racetrack Legends series consists of six limited-edition phones, each featuring a different racetrack on its shell. The final two members of the set were just released, depicting Monaco and the Nščrburgring.

Like the previous issues (Monza, Silverstone, Indianapolis and Le Mans), the new models each have a uniquely-colored casing (yellow for Monaco, titanium gray for the 'Ring) with a map of the track etched into it. Available for around $6,400 each, they make quite a stocking stuffer. If you really feel like splurging, you can get the whole boxed set. The box alone probably costs more than most of our cars. It's made of carbon fiber, with three drawers under the display level for the cases and oth accessories. Stylish and exclusive, the limited edition ractreack phones are limited to 1000 units each. Limited or not, six grand is an insane amont of money, but hey, to each his (or her) own.

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