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Vertu Signature S Design White Gold Full Pave Diamonds

Vertu Signature S Design White Gold Full Pave Diamonds Summary

Premium quality Vertu Signature S Design White Gold Full Pave Diamonds Hi-End replica cellphone, 1:1 copied from the original model.

The hottest phone of the season has finally arrived! The VERTU Signature Diamonds & Ceramics is the hottest addition to the Signature series, and is sure to become the #1 selling Signature phone!

The VERTU Signature Diamonds & Ceramics is based on the body of the Vertu Signature S, one of the hottest and best-selling phones on our website. But this phone takes "hottest" to the next level, featuring a dazzling body covered in Swarovski crystals, sure to impress even a king!

This is definitley the type of phone you would want to be seen in public with! The VERTU Signature Diamonds & Ceramics features the astoundingly sharp look of the Signature S and the luxury look exlusive to our Signature Diamond range. The gems that cover the phone are Swarovski crystals, but to a regular person, they look exactly like diamonds!

Besides the crystals, the phone has many of the same features as the Signature S it is based on. It comes without a camera like the original and has a body of titanium. However, its back, unlike that of the Signature S, is made of Ceramic, rather then leather. The VERTU Signature Diamonds & Ceramics is very durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, and is also resistant to scratches and low-level drops (although we don't recommend it, and doing so will void the warranty). The detail is incredible, with not a single line missed. Our company is definitley proud of its newest product.

Every VERTU Signature Diamonds & Ceramics copy is equipped with a 262k hi-definition TFT display and can be used to play MP3 music and MP4 video. Every model is delivered in a high-quality gift box, two batteries, a stereo headset, a USB cable, and a home charger.

NB! The VERTU Signature Diamonds & Ceramics copy is fully unlocked to work with any provider in the world. Unlike other manufacturers who use the same IMEI codes for their replicas, our VERTU Signature Diamonds & Ceramicsreplica phones feature different IMEI codes so that your phone does not get shut down in case the IMEI number is reported.

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