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Vertu Ti
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The Vertu Signature S Design Feature Set Is All That Impressive Luxvertuphone

The VERTU Signature S Design from the VERTU Signature Collection may be just the luxury cell phone you are looking for. Odds are that you have never heard of Vertu; that?»s because they are a company that caters to a very select clientele who crave high-end gadgets. Taking the concept of ?░haute joaillerie?▒ to a ridiculous level, the VERTU Signature S Design is a fully functioning phone that happens to be covered with 923 precious stones, clocking in with an average of 7.2 carats per cell. Vertu has built a reputation in Europe for their limited and signature series phones, and the Signature Diamond is without rival in their lineup. A measure of this gadget's exclusivity is relative to such factors as cost and availability.

The VERTU Signature S Design?» feature set isn?»t all that impressive, however, you aren?»t exactly buying it to obsessively check e-mail from the office. The VERTU Signature S Design Collection is made up of both the classic white diamond variety and the unique, colored diamond styles. All are individual works, and owning a VERTU Signature S Design is a true one-of-a-kind experience as Vertu Signature Gold. The real kicker with this phone is that when you buy a Vertu you aren?»t just getting a pricey piece of technology, you are gaining membership into one of the most elite and exclusive communities around. The Vertu Concierge gives you the personal service of a five-star hotel, right at your fingertips. With 24-hour support on travel and entertainment information, as well as reservations and emergency assistance at the touch of a button, the VERTU Signature S Design is not without its gadgetry perks. Motorola Aura 92 Beats By Dr. Dre 92 BFG Technologies Photos Gaming Computer 92 Ecosol Powerstick 92 Denon AVR-1609 Receiver 92 Jawbone Prime 92.

When you have a cell phone that is made up of close to one thousand diamonds, it isn?»t really going to matter if the phones technical capabilities grow a little long in the tooth. The VERTU Signature S Design will still give you access to the internet, serves as a voice recorder and comes equipped with Yamaha polyphonic hardware and a high-resolution dynamic display. Catch phrases like ?░work of art?▒ or ?░signature series?▒ are thrown around pretty frivolously in the gadget world. Most of the time that?»s just press-release jargon for ?░junk.?▒ In the rare case of the Vertu Phone, those terms actually apply. The Signature Diamond is an incredible creation, one that is built from hand by extremely skilled craftsman, putting it in a class all by its own.

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