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Limited Edition Vertu Ti Colors goes on sale in red and blue
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Premium quality Vertu Signature S Design Black Hi-End replica cellphone, 1:1 copied from the original model.
Replica VERTU Signature S Design Black | Copy VERTU Signature S Design Black | Clone VERTU Signature S Design Black fake
The Signature S is back, and this time, its on the dark side!
Based on the Signature S, the most popular phone from the Signature series and one of the most popular and hot looking phones on our website, the Signature S Black is a sizzling new phone from All of the basic features of the Signature S have been included in this phone, but it has a new look: all black. Black phones have been getting more and more popular, and just like the Ferrari series got the Nero, the Signature series got the Signature S Black.
The Signature S Black is made of stainless steel and has a new, heavy-duty finish to protect it from scratches and fading for years. The phone has 100% authentic black leather on the back and weighs and feels like the real thing.
This phone is perfect for all occassions, whether you are on a date, on a business trip, or on a cruise. The Signature S Black is perfect for people who like style, slick designs, and the black color.
The Signature S Black is equipped with a 262k hi-definition TFT display and can be used to play MP3 music and MP4 video. Every model is delivered in a high-quality gift box, two batteries, a stereo headset, a USB cable, and a home charger.
NB! The VERTU Signature S Design Black is fully unlocked to work with any provider in the world. Unlike other manufacturers who use the same IMEI codes for their replicas, our replica phones feature different IMEI codes so that your phone does not get shut down in case the IMEI number is reported.
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