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Vertu's open plan layout made it feel spacious

Spread over one level, Vertu's open plan layout made it feel spacious, and although modern, it was not unlike any other head office. When one usually thinks of a factory, whether its building phones, cars or something else, one imagines it to be a visual and audible overload, with machines providing a rhythmical accompaniment to workers? similarly metronomic actions. Upon entering the Vertu factory, after donning anti-static shoe straps and an unflattering blue lab coat, it became clear this wasn't always the case. While the sound of machinery was there, it wasn't the sound of assembly, but of components such as keyboards being stress tested. The volume was muted, so it soon vanished into the background.

Our guide was Jonathan Haynes, Vertu's head of production quality and a veteran of nearly three decades in the mobile industry. He has been with Vertu from the start, and knows not only each and every product, but could at one time, tell which engineer was responsible for building a Vertu phone just by looking at it. This is an important distinction between how Vertu builds phones and how others do, as each one is made by hand, primarily by one person. No parts can be seen whizzing along conveyor belts or passing through the hands of dozens of workers at a dizzying speed; instead, Vertu's hardware is built at a desk and the entire production team numbers just 45.

Each phone is made up of at least 200 different components, and each has to be fitted in order. To do this, engineers work from a blueprint displayed on a monitor, and assemble each one using a pre-built starter kit and parts from a motorized carousel which sits next to them.

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