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If it were a car, the Vertu TI would be a matte black Lamborghini Aventador.
About that price. It?s impossible to argue that the Vertu TI is anything but ridiculously expensive, especially as it can?t match the Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 in a spec-to-spec comparison. But luxury products don?t work that way, and Vertu doesn?t have much interest in getting involved with the interminable spec war; instead turning to classic, hand-built appeal, exclusivity, and the highest quality standards C cornerstones of every luxury product C to attract buyers.

As we discovered, that also means we won?t be hearing any horror stories about the conditions at Vertu?s factory, and although many find it impossible to justify spending more money for ?less?, we wonder how many feel the same way knowing it also guaranteed a safe, pleasant and fair work environment in which the phone is built. While we?re not sure other companies should be looking to copy Vertu?s approach to the spec race, or adopt its pricing (seriously, please don?t), and of course, there is a considerable difference between the amount of phones produced by Apple and the amount produced by Vertu, but we?re sure there?s something to be learned from the way it puts its phones together.

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