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The Constellation

Vertu, formerly Nokia's luxury brand of smartphone, has launched Constellation, one of the world's most expensive Android smartphones with prices starting at 4,900 ($6,690).

The company, which left Nokia last year, is hoping materials and craftsmanship will appeal to well heeled buyers. The device takes its cue from luxury watch makers, Vertu said, and was handmade in Hampshire, England.

The entire face of the 5.1-inch device is covered with a layer of sapphire crystal (pictured) weighing more than 100 carats, according to Vertu. So owners won't have to worry themselves about marks on the 4.3 inch 720p display ?a unless a diamond ring brushes it.

Its casing is made from polished titanium which, besides being lightweight and tougher than stainless steel, is expensive.

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