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Editors' note: When we first published this First Take, we incorrectly listed the US price of the Constellation as $6,300.

Have you recently struck oil? Won the big bucks in the lottery, or sold your 40 percent stake in Apple? Well do I have the phone for you. It's the Vertu Constellation, an Android phone with a ludicrous $5,950 price tag.

It'll be available from Vertu's site in the US within the next few weeks and in the UK in the next few days for £4,000.

The reason for that sky-high price is almost entirely down to its design. The back of the phone is covered in real calf's leather that Vertu explains has been chosen from one of Europe's oldest tanneries specifically for its soft texture. That's not cheap plastic painted to look like metal around the edge, either, that's titanium -- one of the lightest and strongest metals in the world.

Each vertu signature phone is hand-built in Hampshire, England, so Vertu replica reckons the build quality is extremely high. There's certainly no doubt at all that it feels like an extraordinarily luxurious phone when it's sat in your hand. The leather looks and feels great, and there's absolutely zero creaking or flex in the body. You think your metal iPhone 5S feels good? This is in a whole other world.

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