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English manufacturer Vertu replica makes luxury smartphones and has recently revealed its new 4,200 Vertu Constellation smartphone. So, what bang does the extra buck get you? We spoke to Vertu head of design, Hutch Hutchison, to find out

You're describing the Constellation as a new design direction for Vertu; can you talk a little bit more about that?

So, we pioneered luxury mobile phones from 2002, when we started, and we'e maintained a fairly formal design language the whole way. We'e set ourselves apart and it almost based on architecture when you look at the ranges that we have.

Now we're taken a turn for the more contemporary and we want to split into two areas. We want to maintain the formal design language that we see in the Vertu Ti model and then clean it up really for the Vertu Constellation which has been distilled, I suppose.

The other models have always had a plethora of screws and details, and so here we're just stripped away, stripped away.

We find out what really important about the brand which, when it comes down to it, is the tactility, the genuine materials, the quality, the strength and then, visually, what is it that makes it a Vertu.

Will this split design direction continue?

There still a big market for the formal design language. But this [Constellation] has been about ergonomics, making it comfortable in the hand, is it nice to use? Thin, the right weight? So it a much more customer-focused approach.

I believe that phones have just become really impersonal, and yet, they're the closest things to you. You carry them around and theye got all your pictures and information on them. Everything about you is inside that. Everything else I'e got like that, my watch or my motorbike, I like it to have character.

But, when you strip it down, finally it becomes characterless and that seems really weird for something that is so close to you. So that the threshold where Constellation is, I believe, on that point where it gets to contemporary but you leave it with a soul.

Specs-wise, this doesn match other handsets out there costing less. Are you worried about that?

It was much more of a problem for us in the past. The technology arms race has been massive. But, it doesn make any difference apart from using more power. Wee finally seen people stop the megapixel race and say: ctually, it about the quality of the image, rather than the megapixels.

The Vertu Constellation uses a dual-core processor. There are quad-cores out there but, to be honest, we turn that down most of the time. It only when you're scrubbing through video that you'l really need that kind of power.

I don think it an issue for us, is my honest answer.

I use other people devices, I've got a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an S4 and, personally, I prefer the S3. I don know why, it just something  I like the design. It got a little bit more soul. The S4? I rushed out and bought it when it first came out. But then I see absolutely no real reason to up the spec I can notice any difference as a user.

So, what do you make of Apple 5S and 5C approach?

They,e done the exact same thing. Theye looked at their market segmentation and decided one size does not fit all. That's exactly what we.e done here. You see it with their design language as well. Theye gone for the kind of more funky plastic. A perfect analogy, just at a less-exclusive level.

If you go back five years ago and asked people what a luxury phone, then they have said an iPhone. But nowadays, either if they're heard of Vertu, hopefully they l say Vertu and if they haven't, they say there isn't such a thing. Because the iPhone is so mass market now. It's no longer got that luxury tag associated with it.

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