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Vertu's New Android: Handmade in England, Dog Ugly and $10,000
what is the next for vertu: wearables are on the way
Vertu announces the new Constellation Candy phones
Vertu Ti Android Sports Design and Craftsmanship That Would Make Apple Cringe
Nokia looking to sell luxury arm Vertu
Vertu launches Constellation at 4,900 Euros, its second Android smartphone
Vertu Signature Touch come with Android 4.4 and $11,300 price tag
Luxury mobile brand Vertu outlines marketing plans
Vertu Releases $10,000 Smartphone with Year-Old Software, No 4G
Remind Others of Your Wealth With The Vertu V Collection
Vertu Launches Second ntry-Level Android Smartphone
Vertu Aster is a luxury smartphone with top-tier specs
Nokia finishes offloading Vertu, rumors claim Vertu plans a matching switch to Android
Replica Vertu -your Better choose than Original
Vertu TI hands-on: The first Vertu phone you'll want to own, but can't afford
Luxury manufacturer Vertu returns with Aster P smartphones
Vertu Signature Luxury Phone For Bentley Might Be As Expensive As Your Current Ride
Luxury smartphone maker Vertu rumor is going to close
If it were a car, the Vertu TI would be a matte black Lamborghini Aventador.
Nokia finishes offloading Vertu
Vertu's Aster Luxury Phone Tries to Survive on Style
A decade ago, Vertu made its name selling diamond-studded mobile phones to the nouveaux riches, especially in Asia, the Middle East, and Russia. Established in 1998 as a subsidiary of Nokia (NOK), the company was guided by the notion that a glitzy, jewel-encrusted cell phone ought to sell for as much as a Patek Philippe watch. In technology, though, Vertu phones lagged the competition. Its smartphones were pretty, but they werenít that smart. The companyís flagship product, the Vertu Signature, still has a tiny screen and a button keypad. (Granted, a button keypad embedded with about 5 carats of rubies.)

By the time Nokia sold the company to buyout firm EQT Partners (INVEB:SS) in 2012, Vertu had been mostly given up for dead; the major market analysts no longer keep tabs on it. In an April report on its portfolio, EQT said that Vertuís sales totaled £192 million ($309 million) last year. The private company, which has 970 employees, wouldnít disclose recent financials, saying only that itís sold about 400,000 phones in
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