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Create Your Next Ultra-Luxe Mobile Phone With Vertu

In today’s mobile-based era, it’s all about flaunting your state-of-the-art, luxury device. However, have you ever wondered who is behind your not so common, ultra-posh devices? Meet British luxury mobile phones craftsmen Vertu.

Vertu, which was established by Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia in 1998, was sold to a private equity firm in 2012. Since then, it has worked with Android and has become the most exclusive Android OEM. While most tech companies mass manufacture devices, Vertu opt for a different route. Its products are not on the conveyor belt by machines. Every Vertu phone is handcrafted by a single chief craftsman at the small factory in Church Crookham, England.

A phone crafted by Vertu can run you well above $20,000. However, expect well-crafted intricacies such as quilted leather, alligator skin, a mother of pearl fused to sapphire crystal, keys on a ruby bearing and other plush finishing. Your treasured device will be packaged with a certification for any precious stones or exotic skins your device might have used.

Vertu doesn’t stop there. Vertu uses Grade 5 titanium on a number of its mobile devices, a higher tier than pure titanium. It fine-tunes your device over and over again. Prior to packaging and shipping, Vertu conducts a series of testing like audio, single quality testing and humidity testing, according to Pocket-Lint. 

In addition, Vertu provides all of its customers with concierge services. As stated on the site, “Depending on your subscription, you will be provided with a dedicated lifestyle manager (Vertu Dedicated Concierge) or a team of experts (Vertu Classic Concierge), who will tailor every aspect of your request to suit your preferences.” The service is available for 24 hours worldwide.

If you’re looking to stand out, Vertu’s luxury phone is the only way to do so. With its exclusive servicesyou can design and ensure your Vertu is a true reflection of your distinct uniqueness.

A “Signature” luxury phone will start at $20,591.53, while the price of a phone from the “Aster” collection starts at $8,670.12.

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