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Luxury mobile phone manufacturer Vertu replica has announed three new models in its Signature Collection — Signature Ultimate Black, Signature Red Gold Black DLC and Signature White Mother of Pearl. The prices for the new range start from Rs 14,00,000. 

Interestingly, the company claims its voice-centric Signature Collection accounts for nearly 30 per cent of all Vertu sales, despite the growing popularity of smartphones.

“Many of our customers prefer to communicate verbally; they want a voice centric device for their call and when they require a service from their Concierge, they want to speak to them, not email them. After all, their Concierge knows them personally and it is a relationship both parties value. On top of this, our Signature customers enjoy using a beautifully conceived, elegantly designed handset that, thanks to its signal strength, as well as extended battery life, offers immaculately clear sound,” the company said in a release. Signature was the first of Vertu’s luxury mobiles.

Signature Ultimate Black has even the interface appearing entirely in black. The key mat’s numbers and letters appear only when it is in use. The deep black mirror-like surfaces are achieved by the abrasion resistant, ultra-hard, Diamond Like Coating (DLC) which covers the entire phone except for the screen and casing. This coating is as thin as 1/50 of a human hair (2 microns), but is ten times harder than stainless steel, the company claimed.

The Signature Red Gold Black is the more glamorous brother of the Signature Ultimate Black and has a 18k red gold trim and select key.

The Signature White Mother of Pearl features natural mother of pearl inlays set under the sapphire face pieces making each phone unique. The product is completed with a polished white ceramic pillow and pearl-finish, white alligator skin. Signature White Mother of Pearl comes with a matching pearl-finish, white alligator, clutch-style case.

Vertu’s ‘Dedicated Concierge’ service will be available for all Signature customers. ‘Vertu LIFE’, offering all customers a curated selection of exclusive privileges and unrestricted access to elite events, will alos be available directly on the device.

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