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Vertu back with another insanely high-end handset. This time it's the Signature for veru replica Bentley, which features a pretty awesome design and plenty of perks.

Unlike some of the company recent Android devices, Vertu latest isn't a smartphone and joins its existing family of ignature devices. It can make calls, send texts and maybe handle some email, but that about it. Don expect to find many apps running on the Signature for Bentley.

Design is where this device really shines. It features a carbon fiber weave and high-end calf leather back. You can choose between a variety of different colored gems, colors and leathers. The keyboard is covered in a sapphire crystal finish and each physical key is placed on a ruby. The phone is made by hand in England and finished with a shiny metal Bentley logo.

The price also comes with the concierge service that Vertu offers with each of its phones. That includes 12 months of 24/7 personal assistance. The company support team will book your schedule, make personal recommendations, get you into private events and even help you find the perfect gift for a loved one or colleague. The phone also serves as a direct line of contact with Vertu support staff so you're always connected.

Vertu new phone starts at £14,500 (roughly $23,000). The device is available for pre-order now but wonn't actually launch until September 18.

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