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Vertu replica is teaming up with Bentley again for another luxurious device, but this time, it's a feature phone called the Signature for Bentley.

As the name itself suggests, the Vertu Signature for Bentley is part of the luxury phone maker's Signature lineup—its most expensive and exclusive range of devices.

As expected, however, the new vertu Signature for Bentley borrows a few accents from the auto maker, including a Bentley logo, a carbon fiber weave around the earpiece, and calf leather like the one Bentley uses. The phone's software breathes some Bentley as well, featuring the car maker's logo on startup and some custom wallpapers.

The Vertu Signature for Bentley draws inspiration from the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, boasting the finest materials, unique finishes, and high-quality build materials.

This is not the first time that Vertu and Bentley join forces to launch a luxurious device. Back in October 2014, the two companies launched the Vertu for Bentley Android smartphone, which came with decent specifications.

The new vertu Signature for Bentley, meanwhile, may be crafted from the finest materials, but it's a pretty much a feature phone designed mainly for calls and text. It will boast a premium design, but otherwise it won't offer any impressive smartphone features. It will not run Android or some other platform with its own app store, nor will it sport a touch screen or an advanced UI.

"Focused on voice calls and high-quality sound reproduction, Signature uses refined technology to deliver simply superb acoustics," Bentley touts.

"Meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials, and with its simple choice of 'call' or 'text', Signature maintains a huge appeal alongside Vertu's contemporary smartphones."

Purchasing a Signature for Bentley smartphone will also include complimentary access for one year to Vertu Concierge, which offers assistance by a dedicated Lifestyle manager for a number of things such as bookings, reservations, event organizing and more. Users can access Vertu Concierge via a dedicated Vertu Key, which is the ruby key on the side of the device, as well as via email or voice from anywhere.

Vertu is also allowing interested buyers to customize the Signature for Bentley design. Customers can choose from a total of 2,300 possible combinations for customizing the smartphone, including a slew of color and material options, stitching colors, gemstone options for black or sapphire keys and more.

Vertu replica and Bentley have yet to disclose just how much this new Signature for Bentley phone will cost, but expect it to be a fortune.
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