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The Vertu Ti: a $10,000 Android phone
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The company¡¯s confidence in the importance of luxury tech fuels Vertu 3.0. Watson talked about its strategy for 2016 and beyond. ¡°We¡¯re well on our way for the next product launch, which will be during the last three months of this year, and we¡¯ve redefined our product roadmap until the end of 2018.¡± Does that mean Vertu¡¯s looking at other products, outside of smartphones? ¡°I think it¡¯s inevitable that we will enter the wearables market. It¡¯s more a question of when,¡± Watson admitted. ¡°We have concepts in development. It¡¯s choosing the right one that targets our customers.¡± 

Jon Stanley agreed, saying, ¡°There¡¯s a Vertu replica way of doing things. Reliability is the staple of the luxury industry. It¡¯s no good coming out with something first, we want to come with something significantly better than others.¡± Despite the hype around wearables, Vertu¡¯s wary of smartwatches. ¡°Nobody has hit the sweet spot with wearables, there¡¯s still work to be done. We need to see how a watch would fit into the Vertu ecosystem,¡± concluded Stanley. What¡¯s next for Vertu? If there are changes to the product line-up afoot, there aren¡¯t any regarding the way things are done at Vertu. It¡¯s still very much a British brand, and there are no plans to change production, research and development, or design. Instead, in the aftermath of its successful sale, and on the back of the May holiday weekend where sales grew globally by 10 percent over last year, Vertu has embraced the chance to ¡°refine where we¡¯re going on the next part of our journey,¡± according to Watson and Stanley. Related: Hands-on with the new 2016 Vertu Signature Touch ¡°That sounds like we could see some surprises,¡± I said. The pair jokingly retorted, ¡°We¡¯re always coming up with surprises!¡± Perhaps the surprise right now is that Vertu, ever the king of the niche luxury market, has again emerged from another sale, seemingly stronger than ever before.

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