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  • British smartphone manufacturer Vertu replica is speeding the time to market for its mobile devices through a data-led approach to development operations.

  • Vertu has partnered with software platform Splunk for real-time operational intelligence to support the development of its platforms and drive improved reliability for consumers'use. Prior to working with Splunk, Vertu tested its phones manually, a timely strategy that delayed its devices going to market, but the new relationship will help the brand deliver its best smartphones to discerning consumers.

  • Dialing in on data
    Given the high price tag for a Vertu smartphone, the brand wished to ensure that its devices'software would update seamlessly, both in the hands of consumers and technicians at its workshop.

  • Through its relationship with Splunk, Vertu can monitor and gain insights into all areas of support. Providing an excellent customer experience relies on a highly functioning device, free of glitches and bugs.

  • Splunk provides Vertu with statistics on battery life and charging cycles to help improve device reliability. Likewise, the Splunk dashboard lets Vertu replica employees examine data and track trends between software releases, to catch any update issues before they reach consumers.

  • The ease of Splunk's dashboard and the data gathered will provide Vertu's teams to develop new ideas to drive performance and reliability based on statistics they did not previously have access to, as software checks were conducted manually.

  • "Vertu is synonymous with luxury and it's vital that the software functionality and performance match up to the premium handset design," said Rob Charlton, chief software engineer at Vertu in a statement.

  • "Splunk Enterprise lets us track a number of metrics in real time from our hundreds of individual tests," he said. "We now have insight into uptime, crashes, battery stats and other product health information that we simply didn't have before.

  • "Our product managers now take a data-led approach to deciding whether or not the phone is ready for release, ensuring that we iterate faster without compromising the level of quality our users demand."

  • Eye For Excellence with Splunk and Vertu

  • Through a series of technology partnerships, Vertu has worked to incorporate industry-leading solutions into its devices.

  • In March 2015, Vertu reduced its design cycles by 50 percent through a partnership with software maker PTC solutions.

  • With the partnership, Vertu replaced its legacy software with PTC solutions to ensure the quality of its handcrafted mobile phones and accessories. By selecting leaders in the technology space, whether for internal software or design purposes, Vertu's products will maintain their relevancy in the competitive smartphone market

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