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Vertu Ti is the company's first Android smartphone
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except google play store, where the app store can download to install?

we found all the android phone install the app used by google paly store, but the google store sometimes need gmail account to login on, sometimes, need to set the right form can be used, we meet some customer bought our phone , but can't used the google store , We rarely meet this situation, so we find way to solve it .

if your phone bought from us meet this problem. you can download the app from other platform. but first. we need the set the phone . you can find if you want to install the app, the phone will notice "install blocked" you can click settings. and find the "Unkown sources"

the gray button to open 

after this you can return the page you want to install app , it can install smoothly. the next website can find the app you want 


it is very nice android phone app, we found most of usefull android app on it , and download it very fast and easy.


it is a big android phone app store, it is easy to download and install , very usefull 

if you have any other android site to share with us , you can contact us .


david from

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