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Vertu mobile phone customer service appeared in terms of overlord, consumers rights difficult

Recently, Mr Li spent 80 thousand yuan to buy a mobile phone on a white screen Rittal, and crash, receiver noise within a week. Mr. Wu went to counter advice, found the counter has been removed. After Vertu Beijing repair center identification, the mobile phone is no problem. In this regard, Mr. Wu said unacceptable.

In September 27th, Mr. Wu in a Quancheng Shopping Center Vertu mobile phone shop, spend 60 thousand yuan to buy a mobile phone rittal. Unexpectedly, within a week, mobile phones appear white screen, crash, headphones abnormal sound and other issues, "I bought the luxury of mobile phones, such a short time to appear these problems really can not stand."."

In October 2nd, Mr. Wu went to the counter to consult, but found that the counter posted a "brand adjustment" notice, and then went to several times are so, after the dozen to hear the store in July 1st to remove the cabinet.

In desperation, Mr. Wu had to send his cell phone to the Vertu Beijing repair center, and 15 days later, the identification result was "no quality problem"". Mr. Wu said, although abnormal sound is not too big, but there are one or two times a day, such identification results can not be accepted.

In this regard, Vertu Beijing company staff responded to reporters, said, "Vertu mobile phone within 7 days if the mobile host problems can be returned, but must be detected by the Beijing Vertu repair center identification results shall prevail."

"Chegui not run away, the sales behavior can not be characterized as fraud." Lixia District Market Supervision Bureau staff said that the current mobile phone identification problem is hot and difficult, because there is no third party identification agency, so mobile phone manufacturers are generally identified by manufacturers. If the disputes between consumers and sellers can not be agreed, they may apply for arbitration, but sufficient evidence must be provided.

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