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What luxury mobile phone Vertu wrong? Could not escape the fate of collapse

From the development of Vertu mobile phone can be seen, the software and hardware development trend and technology trend of the intelligent mobile phone in the rapid iteration, from the year iPhone6s launched 3D touch to screen fingerprint recognition, fingerprint, from AR, the application of VR technology to the rapid development of the AI assistant, from iris recognition, dual camera to OLED hyperboloid screen. From the ordinary 10nm chip to chip to chip, artificial intelligence technology into the flash charging battery and even the future of Apple may soon launch wireless charging and so on.

It can be said, from software to hardware, intelligent mobile phone of the current technology innovation and maturity has reached a relatively perfect degree, and especially in today, many just need super software applications such as WeChat, Alipay is already a part of everyone's social, entertainment, life indispensable basic necessities of life. After all, in today, at least in the middle class and youth groups, almost not many people are willing to avoid using the current mainstream smart mobile phone with a configuration about hardware and software experience, not how out can not highlight the taste but expensive luxury mobile phone.

But with Vertu, before the popularity of intelligent machines, Vertu in the mobile phone sector shines. The idea of Vertu is to make mobile phones for wealthy customers who are willing to spend extra money on high-end materials, such as precious metals, leather and sapphire screens. In Chinese, its customer service is mainly to business, because it seems that the mobile phone in a number of high-end business people, but its appearance with luxurious, can help it into some circles to expand resources and contacts.

But until today, the development of intelligent mobile phone has change rapidly. But Vertu has nothing to do with it. Although Vertu changed from Symbian to Android a few years ago, the impression of this mobile phone has always been in the era of functional machines. All of today's mobile phone and mobile phone Rittal are not in competition, it is not for sale, not to sell the feelings, not to sell or sell marketing and a sense of participation in the system parameters, the intense competition in the mobile phone market have nothing to do with it, it only clinging to the high-end on its own with a sense of dignity.

If in today's era, a functional machine packaging with expensive materials, you can fudge tyrant pay, apparently underestimated the tyrant's iq. According to the personage inside course of study plaint, the characteristic of Vertu mobile phone is function is very common, even backward, but still in the sky price. Vertu mobile phone prices between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

For years, apple mobile phone will launch several silver inlaid with gold limited edition iPhone. But Apple behind the strong technology, hardware and software integration as well as the world's largest market value, high-end brand influence and reputation for its high-end brand enablement and endorsement, and Vertu mobile phone in addition to mobile phone shell, its premium brand in where? Since the positioning into luxury, but not well-known designers, product configuration and function, and no experience than a smart mobile phone flagship models better, even more than the general intelligent mobile phone configuration and operation but also backward, what it can flicker of nouveau riche fundamentally, pay, Vertu mobile phone in the wrong behind the development of the era, mobile phone technology trends, but expect to have it made people wishful thinking to pay.

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