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Vertu Releases $10,000 Smartphone with Year-Old Software, No 4G
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welcome Ahmad to Our only one agent in Iraq
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vertu is the leader of luxury phone,customers said vaule for money
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Chinese-owned Vertu vows to keep making luxury phones in the UK
Vertu Constellation Blue and Constellation Quest Blue are unveiled, look pretty
Intricate Japanese designs for Vertu's Signature Kissho collection
EQT VI is to acquire Vertu Corporation
Vertu: it makes sense for Nokia to sell us
Vertu chooses Android over Windows for luxury handset
Vertu mobile phone customer service appeared in terms of overlord, consumers rights difficult
Vertu Ti could be the first Android smartphone made by Nokia
Vertu Constellation Diamond include different type
Killer! The world's most luxurious mobile phone pink Vertu port

Killer! The world's most luxurious mobile phone pink Vertu port

The world's most luxurious mobile phone is Nuojiya's Vertu, for people in general revenue, 7, 8000 yuan mobile phone already and "expensive" linked, but frequently, a $20000 limited edition mobile phone with "luxury" is not an exaggeration to describe. However, when you know the name of Vertu, you will really feel what is called "sky high price"".

Vertu, the original word originated from Latin, is "high quality, unique"". As a brand of Nokia distinguished mobile phone, Vertu aims to make mobile phones for rich people all over the world. Because of the uniqueness of the brand mobile phone, the user who wants to customize the phone can only get Vertu mobile phone in the case of reservation or a special store.

Before the Vertu luxurious styling and resolute color seems to be the male supplies, however, is not only rich men, smart Vertu naturally will not miss the "rich", so the pink female version of Vertu came into being.

In fact, in addition to the color difference, Vertu Ascent Pink and no configuration difference, alloy shell with pink alligator skin to highlight the success of female ladies luxury. Each button still uses two jewel bearings, eighteen buttons are supported by thirty-six stones, not only can extend the service life of the key, but also on the feel of a higher level. Still do not support JAVA, MMS, infrared, Bluetooth, these fashion features. Now this machine has been listed in Hongkong, the price of nearly 50 thousand yuan, do not know how many a lady for her eyebrows?

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