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Mr. Wang from Xiangtan is a successful man. He believes in "money recognizes goods", "expensive has the truth", and likes to enjoy the noble feelings of consumption. However, when he spent 95 thousand yuan in November 11, 2008 to buy two Vertu mobile phones, from the beginning of the purchase of February, because of the big and small problems began to return between Changsha dealers and Xiangtan. For mobile phone quality problems, Mr. Wang and the business wear nearly a year of effort has not been solved. When buying, the mood of excitement has been cold. He regrets that Vertu is expensive, but it makes people buy it very badly, and dealing with Vertu makes people feel bad to the extreme.

Frequent malfunction of new machine: one day navigation key falls off and intermittently sends nerve

In November 11, 2008, Mr. Wang was shopping in the new world shopping mall on Wuyi Road in Changsha. He was attracted by the "Vertu" brand mobile phone priced at tens of thousands of yuan. And the introduction of mobile phone attendant is a special material, handmade, button inlaid ruby, sapphire screen will not leave any traces, is recognized in the world as a symbol of identity and wealth, but also tempted him. He spent 52 thousand yuan and 39 thousand and 500 respectively to buy two different models of Vertu mobile phones, one for his own wife, and to 3800 yuan a price to buy leather, a total cost of 95 thousand yuan.

"It was a good mood." He said. However, the high price mobile vertu phone does not bring him a good mood.

After 1 months of using the cell phone, he found something wrong with the battery. "Mobile phone battery basically can only use 1 days, can not meet the needs of daily calls, not as good as a common mobile phone."." Mr. Wang said. And 2 phones have this problem at the same time. Later, in the persuasion of his clerk, he had to spend 1800 yuan to the mobile phone with a car charger.

And what he couldn't think of was that, soon after, his wife's cell phone, the navigation key, fell off. "That night, I had been in the living room for one or two hours with a flashlight, and I was sweating all over. It's the so-called ruby, and it doesn't look good when you drop it." Mr. Wang recalled the scene of the night and shook his head.

The battery is not good, the navigation keys off these annoying Mr. Wang could, at least the mobile phone can do with. However, third months later, he found that two mobile phones like intermittent nerves. "Sometimes, I obviously send A information, but the phone is sent B information, my friends received my information after all puzzling. A friend asked me jokingly: "Wang Zong, you did not sleep well or brain broken, how always send inexplicable information to me," I know that this phone has this fault." Mr. Wang looked very helpless, he ultimately caused many ridiculous misunderstanding, losttrack.

He opened the phone's text message and demonstrated it, saying, "you see, this is the message I sent to my friend in June 30th, and the message in the Outbox shows" part of the text is missing. "." Mr. Wang opened the mobile phone information outbox, pointed out that the fault to send information of mobile phone, and more than a mobile phone, he kept a dozen shows "part of the text is lost" information, another mobile phone or even a closed screen phenomenon.

Vertu identification of one: mobile phone Department man-made broken

Consumers: no such thing at all

In desperation, Mr. Wang has traveled to Changsha stores for several times to "argue", but it is easy to buy and difficult to change. Vertu has not given a clear answer to Mr. Wang's request. In May 24th this year, Mr. Wang once again went to Changsha "new world" shopping mall counters, tough attitude requires reasonable explanation. Through the coordination of two sales directors in the shopping mall, Mr. Wang handled the mobile phone maintenance procedures and gave him a spare machine with the same brand. In order to retain the evidence of mobile phone fault, Mr. Wang only sent 39 thousand and 500 yuan mobile phone to repair, 52 thousand yuan that deliberately stay at home. More than 20 days later, Mr. Wang received a phone call, said the identification results show that the phone is artificially broken, need to pay more than 6000 yuan maintenance costs.

Mr. Wang was surprised by the results of the appraisal, saying that the phone never fell. Even if you drop it, how do you explain the same problem with the two? Did two of them fall and throw out the same fault?. How could this tiny probability event be met by him?.

Mobile phone "three packs" policy provisions, the use of not more than 1 years should be free maintenance. After hearing this result, Mr. Wang expressed great indignation at the quality and after-sales service of the "Vertu" mobile phone, which is known as the world's top luxury goods.

On how to repair the problem, Mr. Wang has repeatedly communicated with the business. Vertu dealers first agreed to exempt 1/3 of the maintenance costs, second times and promised to exempt 2/3 of the maintenance costs, the third promised free maintenance fees. But for Mr. Wang second mobile phone repair, but always did not stand.

Mr. Wang has misgivings, while for Vertu this kind of customer problems ignore, delays in solving the problem of practice has long been angry. "Even if I'm allowed to have my mobile phone free of maintenance, I don't think it's fun. It's a belated love." I can't take it. I was physically and mentally exhausted by this. As a consumer I only in accordance with the requirements of three packs of provisions to do, they are so dilatory, once I went to the counter to find them,

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