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Vertu Niger is belong to British manufacturer and retailer of luxury, handmade mobile phones established by Finnish mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia in 1998.
all our site sold vertu phone is replica,the appearance and software is same to the original,the only different is the motherborad. so most of people in Niger

cann't Distinguish both of them,There's no right or wrong choice here. The above wasn't a "What is better?" post anyway. This is just knowledge. If you want a VERTU and you have ten thousand dollars to spare -- get the real one, if not-- get the replica.after you bought the replica one , it will be worth for money.

vertu signature touch green alligator leather
Vertu Signature Touch Jet Alligator Leather with Silver Steel
Vertu Signature S Design White Leather
Vertu Aster Stainless Steel and Red Ostrich Leather
Vertu Signature Pure Jet Rose Gold with black Leather,4GB RAM
Vertu New Signature Touch STINGRAY BLACK
vertu constellation x rose gold with black alligator leather
Vertu Ti Rose Gold Replica
Vertu Signature Touch Clous De Paris with Jet Calf Red Leather
Top Version Vertu Signature S Design Black Leather with Silver Steel
Vertu Signature Touch Pure Jet Red Leather
vertu aster red gold with black alligator leather
Lamborghini 88 tauri black and red gold
Top Version Vertu Signature Stainless Steel Black Leather
Lamborghini 88 tauri stainless steel
Vertu Signature S Design Red Gold
Vertu signature diamond White Mother of Pearl
Vertu Signature Touch JET ALLIGATOR
Vertu Signature RED GOLD BLACK DLC ceramic cover
vertu signature s design full black color edition
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